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Figure 2

From: Phospholipids and insulin resistance in psychosis: a lipidomics study of twin pairs discordant for schizophrenia

Figure 2

Dependency network of variables related to schizophrenia. The network was constructed from the selected clinical, lipid cluster, MR image (with selected independent components shown), and neurocognitive assessment data. Node shapes represent different types of variables, node color corresponds to significance and direction of regulation comparing patients versus unaffected co-twins, and line width is proportional to strength of dependency. The cutoff for the presence of edge was set at β = 0.40 by the average non-rejection rate, that is, an edge in the graph was tested positive in 40% of the 500 samplings. The existing edges should be interpreted as direct associations between the pairs of variables. HOMA-IR, Homeostasis Model Assessment index; NS, not significant.

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